31 January 2015

Being lucky actually means preparing for the right moment. Do not complain about life. Millions of less fortunate people would like to trade places with you.

26 January 2015

It occurs to me today that according to a computer the meaning of life is 42.

12 January 2015

Stumbled upon a post on reddit asking about best life advice. Here are some good ones: “Learn something about everything, and everything about something” “The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago, the second best time is right now.” “Eye…

11 January 2015

In photography, the perfect shots are the one that contains imperfection within. In life, perfection is an illusion. If there’s no imperfection, we won’t see perfection. Comparison is human nature. We see the imperfect in ourself through the…

10 January 2015

I find that when learning a skill or knowledge, it is more effective when you have immediate application for it. If you are just learning something because everyone else is learning, or for your own “future-proof”, chances are you will not learn it…

01 October 2013

Recently, I came upon the realisation that I have perhaps spent too much time on my current comfort level without any significant change or improvement. After much searching and talking, I had managed to find the root cause of the problem and am now…

30 January 2012

It is important to have general knowledge. I don’t realize this until when I spoke to some of my friends about things that I thought everyone should know. Can you imagine there are actually someone who don’t know who is the president of the United…

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