28 October 2017

I was watching yet another excellent performance by Denzel Washington(I know, I know, let’s hold the debate for another time) in Crimson Tide (1995), and while half-way through the movie, I realised something very wrong yet profoundly true situation…

17 July 2017

What if the structure of the current domain name were reversed? Current domain name: Reversed domain name: (looks familiar?) We all know that in UNIX system, file hierarchy starts with the root () and followed by sub-directories. An example would…

17 April 2012

I noticed that people are becoming more and more materialistic. You will only appear successful if you drives a luxury car, uses the latest smart phone, and appearing frequently at expensive bars and café. The sole purpose in social life seems to be…

05 March 2012

If you believe in evolution, you know that we humans evolved from mammals. While most mammals has fur and body hair, this actually makes us the ugliest mammals among all. No? Just imagine your dog or cat without fur. But luckily, we are blessed with…

21 February 2012

Sometimes I like to imagine I’m a policeman working in the narcotics department that bust drug rings by using state of the art equipment. I don’t remember when I started to have this fantasy but the idea was definitely came from tv shows. I’m pretty…

09 February 2012

Think about it, we go to work because we want to survive and be able to live in the system. The reward(money) we gain from putting our time in a work will enable us to buy food, that fulfills our physiological need. The food that we consume came a…

04 February 2012

Playing cards is a common activity during the festive season. Some people claim that they are good at certain games, some blame their luck. It is also common to hear players blame their bad luck to the banker who shuffles the cards. They really…

03 February 2012

The world has 7 billion people, there must be someone who thinks the same as you. The world has 7 billion people, how can you be sure your idea is unique? The world has 7 billion people, what makes you think you are special? The world has 7 billion…

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