28 October 2017

I was watching yet another excellent performance by Denzel Washington(I know, I know, let’s hold the debate for another time) in Crimson Tide (1995), and while half-way through the movie, I realised something very wrong yet profoundly true situation…

17 July 2017

What if the structure of the current domain name were reversed? Current domain name: Reversed domain name: (looks familiar?) We all know that in UNIX system, file hierarchy starts with the root () and followed by sub-directories. An example would…

31 January 2015

Being lucky actually means preparing for the right moment. Do not complain about life. Millions of less fortunate people would like to trade places with you.

26 January 2015

It occurs to me today that according to a computer the meaning of life is 42.

18 January 2015

I find myself searching for the “best” wordpress theme again today. Everytime when I wanted to start a wordpress site project, the cycle repeats itself: install latest wordpress, look for latest best free theme, install plugin, setup accounts, etc…

12 January 2015

Stumbled upon a post on reddit asking about best life advice. Here are some good ones: “Learn something about everything, and everything about something” “The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago, the second best time is right now.” “Eye…

11 January 2015

In photography, the perfect shots are the one that contains imperfection within. In life, perfection is an illusion. If there’s no imperfection, we won’t see perfection. Comparison is human nature. We see the imperfect in ourself through the…

10 January 2015

I find that when learning a skill or knowledge, it is more effective when you have immediate application for it. If you are just learning something because everyone else is learning, or for your own “future-proof”, chances are you will not learn it…

09 January 2015

Do you agree that limitation breeds creativity? Sometimes, having “unlimited” of everything is not a good idea. It makes you feel “small” and overpowered. Last time, education used to be expensive. But today, anyone who have access to the internet…

08 January 2015

Recently when I’m going through the tutorials of iOS8 using Xcode, it really reminds me of the Flash days. Yes, that Adobe/Macromedia Flash. Can’t even find an English screenshot It was 2001+ when I discovered Flash & immediately fall in love with…

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