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Home Cinema

Tonight I’m going to talk about one my good friend, Alvin. I met him during my high school year. He is a mix Chinese Indian and his family is very wealthy. He lives in a 4-storey bungalow on top of … Continue reading

01. May 2012 by Ken
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I noticed that people are becoming more and more materialistic. You will only appear successful if you drives a luxury car, uses the latest smart phone, and appearing frequently at expensive bars and café. The sole purpose in social life … Continue reading

17. April 2012 by Ken
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Dark Side

If you believe in evolution, you know that we humans evolved from mammals. While most mammals has fur and body hair, this actually makes us the ugliest mammals among all. No? Just imagine your dog or cat without fur. But … Continue reading

05. March 2012 by Ken
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Sometimes I like to imagine I’m a policeman working in the narcotics department that bust drug rings by using state of the art equipment. I don’t remember when I started to have this fantasy but the idea was definitely came … Continue reading

21. February 2012 by Ken
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My biggest weakness is the lack of creativity. I’m not a person who can easily come out with new ideas or can create something decent out of nothing. Although I can draw, but I’m actually good at copying. I can’t … Continue reading

02. February 2012 by Ken
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This gonna be good

This year’s gonna be good. Going steady, taking things slowly. One step at a time. Focus. Learn to say ‘no’. F***ing read.   This ought to be good.

15. December 2011 by Ken
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