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The Inevitable Takeover by Our Own Creation

I was watching yet another excellent performance by Denzel Washington(I know, I know, let’s hold the debate for another time) in Crimson Tide (1995), and while half-way through the movie, I realised something very wrong yet profoundly true situation: Humans … Continue reading

28. October 2017 by Ken
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Imperfect Perfection

In photography, the perfect shots are the one that contains imperfection within. In life, perfection is an illusion. If there’s no imperfection, we won’t see perfection. Comparison is human nature. We see the imperfect in ourself through the seemingly perfection … Continue reading

11. January 2015 by Ken
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In Need of Learning

I find that when learning a skill or knowledge, it is more effective when you have immediate application for it. If you are just learning something because everyone else is learning, or for your own “future-proof”, chances are you will not … Continue reading

10. January 2015 by Ken
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Do you agree that limitation breeds creativity? Sometimes, having “unlimited” of everything is not a good idea. It makes you feel “small” and overpowered. Last time, education used to be expensive. But today, anyone who have access to the internet … Continue reading

09. January 2015 by Ken
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